Gaffar Market � Jugaad Market in Delhi

Ghaffar khan was a Pashtun as well as Afghan political and religious leader who was popular because of his peaceful movement towards the rule of Britishers in India.He was an enduring peace lover, a spiritual Muslim as well as a close companion of Mohandas Gandhi.He was also popular by the names of Fakhri Afghan which means the pride of Afghans, Badshah Khan as well as Bacha Khan which means king khan in Pashto language.

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Gaffer market is in karol bagh. Karol Bagh is situated at a distance of 20 – 22 km. from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, and is serviced by the Karol Bagh ...


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Gaffar Market

Ghaffar khan was a Pashtun as well as Afghan political and religious leader who was popular because of his peaceful movement towards ... more


Gaffar Market

This market is also popular by the name of grey market as one can get china made goods without any difficulty. Electronic goods that are sold here comprises of air-conditioners, cameras, televisions, mobiles as well as other accessories. The important thing about these items is that they do not have any guarantee. Countless shops are also accessible where different types of imported mobile phones are repaired. Indeed, the iphone that was launched in Europe and declared as the Discovery in that particular year by a global magazine, was obtainable here several months before its initiation.

The narrow lanes in this market always remain crowded and at times it becomes a big issue for the people to walk comfortably. Although the sewage organization of the located over the main highway, the market remains dirty at all times.

Sixteen cameras were mounted around two years before at significant places for covering the common public movement.

This market was launched during the year 1952.There is a huge enthusiasm among the youth regarding this market and almost 500 shops are located here. The shoes that are sold here are imported from China while the garments are imported mostly from Thailand. Shopkeepers in this market deal in a variety of fake goods and claim that the possessions are quite good as compared to the original products.

The domestic tourists visit this market in large numbers and are quite familiar with it.

Shops where crystals are sold are really in demand. Individuals residing in Delhi as well as the N.C.R. regions come here to purchase such crystals. The buyers wish to acquire Chinese goods as they are fairly attractive. A person can get goods at affordable prices in comparison to other stores. In recent times, almost 3500 phones were seized by the anti-extortion department of the Delhi police. Those mobiles did not possess the unique identification information and were bought from China. Twenty three traders were arrested in the raids that were conducted in Central Part of Delhi.

It was actually the foremost raid that was organized in the Capital by the Central administration. An order was passed by the government to prohibit the usage of cell phones which do not have intercontinental mobile identity details which is also known as the I.M.E.I. number.Gaffar market remains closed on Monday. The authorities require taking care of the region in an effective way so that the locality becomes additionally attractive as well as user-friendly particularly because the Commonwealth Games are approaching.


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