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Features of Gaffar Market

Cheap Chinaware

Gaffar market is very famous among the young generation. You can easily find a jacket for winters at just Rs 600 to Rs 800, shoes for only Rs 400 to Rs 600. Most of the shoes available there are Chinese made and the garments are from Thailand. Shopkeepers assure that the products are equally good as the original brands product.

No Wait

There is no need to wait much for the launch of your favorite product. You will easily get your favorite product in your hand without waiting much.

No Bill

No bill is provided by the shopkeepers and nor do they charge any tax. You will only get sweetly spoken words convincing you regarding the product.

No Guarantee

Due to the reason that you are paying less for the product than the actual price, you cannot be assured of everything. Shopkeeper will provide all information but will not talk about the guarantee of the product.


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