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Gaffar Market - The Mobile Hub

Gaffar market, located near Karol Bagh, is popularly known as Delhi’s mobile hub. The mobile shops in Gaffar market are very famous among the tourists and Delhi people who can buy the mobile phones at very cheap and discounted rates. There are many dealers and mobile shops in Gaffar Market and you will surely get solutions for all kinds of mobile repairs, used mobiles and mobile upgrades.

It is also believed that you can even find the latest iPhone versions in Gaffar market before they are launched at any other place. You will also find these phones in this market at very cheaper rates as compared to other markets. Here, the prices of any latest iPhone version range to about 20000 Rs. Gaffar market is highly specialized at the repairs of mobile phones as well. There are various shops for mobile repairs of various types and you can rely on their services very easily.


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