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Markets Nearby Gaffar Market

Ajmal Khan Road

It is located in Karol Bagh. Once, this place is used to be a place of embroidered garments, cotton yarn and cheap readymade garments. But, it has advanced a lot. Gigantic international labels, fancy stores and all types of species and eatables of India are sold here. This weekly Haat, which is a type of informal market, is organized here on every Monday, the day when all huge stores close their shop for enjoying their holiday. This special market is probably the greatest of its kind in the national capital, Delhi.

Arya Samaj Road

This market is one of the most appropriate places for buying new and second hand book in the national capital, Delhi.

Bank Street

This street located in Karol Bagh, is called for its multiple jewelry shops. These wonderful shops sells jewelry meant for brides.

Karol Bagh is famous for its gleaming jewelry.

The silver and gold smiths of Delhi are famous all over the country. In reality, the whole street is ancient Delhi is still known as the silver street. Apart from silver and gold, this city proffers different types of costly gems like sapphires, emeralds, rubies and numerous semi-costly stones such as garnets, lapis lazuli, cornelian etc. Karol Bagh boasts off the greatest number of jewelry shop in the national capital, Delhi.

Therefore, traditional jewelry shops of Delhi are worth visiting. The shops being located in lane, the visitors are able to see the craftsmen working and women weaving the designs. Not only metals’ quality or stones’ quality makes the jewelry special but the adept workmanship is solely responsible for it


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