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Talkatora Stadium

Located in New Delhi, the Talkatora Indoor Stadium can accommodate over 3035 persons at one time. The ownership and management of the said stadium vests with New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC).


The place derives its name from the garden that was in existence during Mughal era which was named as Talkatora Gardens. The name is also derived from the tal (tank) located on the west and tank lies within a bowl shaped depression created naturally giving the appearance of Katora.

The history of this stadium dates back to November 1978 when the national delegate session of Leftists was attended by over 7000 trade union persons. Thereafter Boxing event of Common wealth games of 2010 was organised in this stadium. The stadium was specifically upgraded to accommodate this event in February 2010 to give an elegant look out of architectural uniqueness.


The stadium comprises of a competition and four warm up areas. Also the stadium is connected to the facility area to enable athletes to the main stadium. The tunnel is well equipped with acoustic ceiling and the stadium has sports lighting, video screens and score boards. The block is constructed as per environment friendly norms to by using energy efficient equipment and environment friendly, materials.


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